The Kinomatic series shower oscillator has been designed to provide uniform cleaning process for paper machine clothing; resulting in cross machine moisture profile, longer fabric life, avoid machine direction streaks and increased production. The oscillator moves the shower at an even or constant speed such that it moves one nozzle diameter for every felt/fabric revolution. Also, at the end of the oscillator stroke, turnaround is instantaneous to avoid over-cleaned streaks in the fabric resulting from turnaround dwell.

Kinomatic offers a wide range of models having variable stroke length, variable speed range suitable to all machine speeds. Kinomatic helps you to achieve higherhigher quality product.
Needle jet nozzles works in much localized areas of the fabric equal to or slightly greater than the nozzle stream diameter, they only cover small portions of the total fabric area at a given time. Typically, nozzles are spaced at every 6” on a pipe and are rarely closer than 3” for a forming fabric and 4” for a felt. The effective width of a 0.028” dia. jet is 0.028”. The shower must therefore be moved back and forth across the fabric so that the cleaning is performed over the whole area.

A forming fabric with clean and contaminated streaks results in uneven drainage and formation. When a fabric has streaks, the machine makes bad reels of uneven profile and poor sheet quality, and wet and dry end sheet breaks occur too often.

Also, a press fabric that is unevenly cleaned results in uneven pressing, which causes variable sheet finish and poor moisture profile into the dryers. Such conditions waste energy and make bad paper.