Kingsley has always strived to provide equipment with options to be easily maintained and to provide optimum performance to your applications. With over 19 years manufacturing and design experience with oscillating and stationary showers for complete coverage wire and felt cleaning we know what a shower needs to do. The Oscillating Cleaning Shower is Kingsley’s primary product. We established and made standard for the industry “Complete Coverage Cleaning”. Utilizing this method of tracking the speed of the actuator to the speed of the paper machine ensures that the entire area of the fabric is cleaned.

The cleaning and conditioning of wires, felts and rolls is of critical importance in paper manufacturing. Sufficient dewatering and sheet formation can only be assured if wires, felts and rolls are clean. Proper cleaning showers are necessary to remove fibres and contaminants from the fabric during operation to optimize fabric life. Showers are used for fabric cleaning, sheet knock-off, trimming and lubrication. In any showering system it is critical to maintain uniform coverage and open flowing nozzles. Another consideration in shower design should be that nozzles cannot fall into the fabric run, creating major fabric fall/roll accident.
4 categories of showers –

a) High pressure (hp) cleaning showers,
b) Flooding showers,
c) Lubricating showers and
d) Chemical showers.