Dewatering Systems

A substantial part of the papermaking process relies on dewatering technology. This impacts quality as well as, productivity.

Starting with ceramics of outstanding quality and using technologies to achieve the highest level of perfection and precision. Kingsley is dedicated to the improvement of efficiency in the papermaking process by making it both safer and more user friendly.

Kingsley (along with Coorstek) dewatering Elements offer high wear resistance, outstanding surface quality and excellent gliding properties. This protects both the wires and felts and ensures a longer service life than in case of conventional PE1000. Minimal wear enables longer running times, as well as lower maintenance costs.

Very good sliding properties
Protection of the wire
Wear resistance
Chemical resistance
Hydrolysis resistance
High impact strength

The outstanding suitability of these products for the paper machine is demonstrated by their high resistance to wear, low coefficient of friction and constant dewatering characteristics across the full width of the machine.