Doctoring System


Effective, trouble-free doctoring is essential for modern, automatic and computer controlled paper machine operation. This ensures paper machine run ability and product quality. Doctoring is very simple process but still important. It has four basic functions in the paper machine: – a) Shed the sheet during sheet breaks (Sheet Removal), b) Water Removal, c) Dirt Removal, and d) Conditional Roll Surface

KINGSLEY provides doctoring systems that provide peak machine performance with lower operating costs. Doctors contribute significantly to efficient production processes, but the increased productivity and cost benefits can only be achieved if the doctor and its components are:

Engineered to specific applications
Manufactured to exacting standards of precision and workmanship
Properly installed and aligned
Regularly inspected and maintained

Even though the doctoring process is considered to be very simple, there are many variables that must be considered:
  • condition of roll covers
  • condition of all doctoring components must be checked regularly (beam, holder, blade oscillator, load/relief devices, bearings and lubricating showers)
  • doctor alignment
  • doctor blade angle
  • loading pressure

Doctor systems are made up of the following basic components:

  • Doctor beam (or back)
  • Doctor blade holder
  • Bearings
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Oscillation equipment
  • Showers (in some applications)
  • Loading and relief devices
  • Doctor blade