Ruby Nozzle

High-pressure showers play an important role in the cleaning machine fabrics during operation. The cleanliness and condition of wet end fabrics can significantly affect machine run ability and the quality of the end product. Cleaning performance depends on a variety of factors, including the positioning of shower pipes, spacing of nozzles, oscillation, and water quality. One of the most important determinants of cleaning performance is the choice of nozzles. Good nozzles last long and clean fabrics thoroughly and uniformly.
The best cleaning result is produced when high-pressure jets remain laminar prior to impacting with the fabric. A laminar cleaning jet penetrates deeper into fabrics than a turbulent one and thus loosens impurities better. Ruby is one of the second hardest minerals known to man (right after diamond). This provides good wear resistance and helps to keep the flow characteristics of nozzles constant for extended periods of time. Good wear resistance also ensures a long maintenance-free useful life.